Soundtrack, keeping score, cooldown for the blast attack and a faster bad guy

Music for the mayhem!

So tonight I worked on adding some music files to the project and setting up a list that could be shuffled so the music list started in a random order each time the player started to play. I think it turned out well.

Keeping score

I also working on adding the score to the widget. This required adding a variable to the player controller for the player's score and then making the enemy blueprints add to that score when they die. There might be a better way to do this but this seemed to work just fine. After that it's just adding a text block to the widget and binding its text value to a function which grabs the player's score and appends it to the string 'Score: ' and bam done!

Blast attack cooldown

I added a cooldown to the right click blast attack to make it more challenging. It now can only be fired every 5 seconds and there is a small indicator under the health bar for when that timer is up.

Faster enemies

The last thing I did was create a child blueprint from the BaseBadguy and upped its walk speed and lowered its health. Then I added it to my spawn controller and it handled the rest.

In conclusion

This is probably the last bit of stuff I will do on this project as tomorrow is Friday which is when I started last week so today was the last day. I may revisit this project at a later time because it was fun and I will be posting a blog post on my blog about what I learned along with what mechanics and stuff I plan to work on this next week. 

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