Healthbar and dieing

UI widget for displaying health

I worked on adding a UI widget to the viewport to show the player how much health he has left. I learned something very interesting... If you plan to destroy the character you need to make sure you either remove any widgets that reference variables on the character or put the variables into the player controller otherwise you will get lots of errors when you destroy the character. After learning that putting the health bar in the widget was pretty simple. Widgets are really neat!

Player damage

I also worked on adding collision to the enemies so they could apply damage to the player when they run into him. What is weird is that for some reason the damage that is applied is sometimes 0 even though I set it to 10. Still haven't figured that one out but I am sure I will.

The death!

I had some fun with this. I opened up Audacity and worked on a few voice lines and it was pretty fun. I made a sound for when the player gets hit and then I merged the mario death sound with a voice over I created that says "oooo you be dead" with a little bit of reverb and some pitch changes. It came out ok I suppose and I learned some new things about Audacity.

I will be uploading a built version of what I did in a little bit so stay tuned!

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Version 1 Oct 18, 2017

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